Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Adventure Continues... Finally

As Corrin sat in the chest in his drunken state, he fancied that there might be more treasure that he couldn't reach in the holes. He sat up, then stood up, and began to push on the side of the box that he was currently making his Base of Operations. After struggling for awhile, he shouted to the others, "I do believe that I, (belch) am in quite a pickle!" Then, Corrin renewed his efforts to move the box.

The sober group of the entrance to the room realized what had happened, and began to reel Corrin out of the room, which, of course, didn't work. In his drunken state, Corrin had become stronger than any humanoid there and latched onto the box, which was, in fact, bolted to the floor. Gorgath and Heian pulled on the rope attached to Corrin's waist, and eventually pulled him out of the room. Mindartis, incapacitated from laughing, simply moved to the next door.

Heian, lacking a light source, had reached around to grab the torch on the wall in the room, and was promptly trapped under the pile of sand that dropped from the ceiling on top of him. Gorgath pulled him out of the sand, and the search continued.

The second door was open cautiously and when no immediate danger presented itself, they moved inside. The room itself was decorated as if it had been a throne room at one time. There were pillows of blue, green, and pruple satin with silver lace and trim thrown around the room, and directly in the middle sat a giant golden throne. Corrin, still drunk, decided that above all else, he wanted to sit on the throne, and began tottering over to it, a large, stupid grin on his face. Gorgath, sensing the danger, held Corrin until he stopped moving and stood still; Heian and Mindartis began to search the room. After they could find nothing, Gorgath let go of Corrin and went to investigate. Corrin resumed his trek to the throne, snuck up to it, and climbed on top of the seat. Smiling, Corrin felt the seat give way and looked up at the door. Just above the door frame, a small panel slid open, and a jet of flame burst forth from it, charring the alcohol soaked Halfling, who immediatly sobered up.

As Corrin fell off of the seat, he could be heard saying, "What smells like beer braised beef?"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is That... Ale?

Corrin resumed the lead at a slightly slower pace. Gorgath, after the accident, was far more cautious then before, and used his eyes far more then he had been. Mindartis came in third, and Heian brought up the rear, using his sunstone to light his part of the small passageway. before long, the Heroes came to an open room. Three doors loomed ahead of them, taunting them with visions of treasure and adventure behind each one.

Before long, a system was worked out, and our heroes went about going through the doors, starting with the one on the left. As Gorgath kicked down the door, a treasure chest came into view, and Corrin rushed boldly into the room. When he got to the center of the room, the stone sank two inches under his feet, and a door slid open over the door and began to pour sand down to obscure the entrance. Corrin Lifted his foot and ran back to the door. As the pressure plate was released, the compartment slid to a close, and Corrin escaped the room. But of course, sand was not going to stop the travelers and a rope was tied to Corrin's waist. As he dashed towards the chest sand began to fall, stop, and fall again. However, upon reaching the chest, which was checked extensively for traps, the sand stopped it's descent.

Corrin opened the chest very cautiously, and pulled himself over the side of the chest, and fell with a thump inside. the contents seemed to be meager, ten gold pieces, and two casks of a strange, fizzy liquid. After lifting the second flagon somewhat jerkily from the bottom of the chest and into his backpack, two holes in the chest were revealed to him."I seem to have found some holes in the bottom of this chest!" he reached down into the first, he grabbed onto a rock, lifted it, and found a pristine diamond. "I call the diamond!" Mindartis shouted from the other room. Corrin then reached into the second hold and found a map of the caves they were in. Then Corrin turned his attentions to the flagons; he saw an opportunity to sample this fine liquid, but checked to make sure it was safe first. He began by wafting any stench towards himself, and upon passing that test, the liquid was swirled to check for contamination. Corrin took every precaution, before finally saying, "I believe, friends, that i have found some grade A wizards brew!" and as soon as the last words left his lips, he downed one of the entire flagons in three gulps... and became exceedingly drunk.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Cave Of Death

After a quick resting period, Heian rejoined the trio and made it apparent that nothing was wrong or sick. Throughout the cave, there was nothing too hard to handle, a few traps, a few zombies, nothing too especially bad. further into the cave, however, the party came across an unsavory pitfall that allowed for some stories to be told that they might call, embarrassing.

The order went as such; Corrin walked in the front as all brave halflings do, the next was Heian, then Mindartis, and finally Gorgath. Corrin marched proudly ahead and allowed the rest of the group to follow, until they came to a quick turn in the cave, where the first three stopped at a steep gravel hill. Gorgath, being the Dumb oaf that he is, barreled ahead and tripped over all of them. Being small, as all halflings are, landed flat and was knocked unconscious. Mindartis and Heian rolled down quickly after Gorgath, but Corrin, as i stated earlier, was unconscious. the three bruised and bloodied heroes at the bottom of the gravel tried for hours to wake Corrin, until finally Gorgath called to him.

"There's ale here!"

Corrin lept to his feet immediately, let out a bark of excitement, and backed up to the back wall of the cave. Then ran forward, Jumped and slid down the gravel slope, sliding as smoothly as the dwarf stone riders across the underground sea of Nishtikav. Close to the bottom, Corrin attempted a flip, but landed flat on his face. He stood, brushed himself off, and looked around the dimly lit room.

"I See No Ale."

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Now Back to the Good Part!

After pleasantries were exchanged, the four heroes began their journey back to the main camp on the northern shore. The buildings that Mindartis and Heian had erected had been washed away by the rain storm, so the group trekked back to the cave, mumbling the entire way there. Camp was created once again, and the group slept, a long, tired sleep.

Morning came without hesitation, and our Heroes rose to greet the morn, noting pleasantly that the rain had stopped. discussion came about rapidly, and discussion turned quickly into argument. Argument turned to fight and fight brought about the fuming silence that lasted for a few hours. After that, a unanimous decision to explore the mountain was reached, and the group set off to begin climbing. Roughly two hundred feet up the side of the mountain, they found themselves at the mouth of a cave. As the party waltzed into the mouth of the cave, groaning came from the back of the cave and the heroes found themselves face to face with numerous undead.

2 zombies and 2 gravehounds dashed at the unsuspecting heroes, missing here and there but scoring fatal blows very quickly. Gorgath had been pinned to the ground at one point, however, the matter of killing these creatures, got on very quickly, and then all was quiet. Heian was almost fatally ill, and went back to the cave to rest and cure his wounds. For the rest of the group, a quick trail marker was placed, and the trio continued on

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Ambassador's Strip

In the human land of Tamnikot, there is a place referred to only as, "The Strip". A meeting place for all races, even the Eladrin make the journey from the Fey to have a say in the ways of the world. The Ambassador's strip was founded in 2000 B.C. when a pact between the Dwarves and Elves was forged after a great war that lasted more than a millennium. There are four main buildings in the strip, each a grandiose Gothic castle that ties into the culture of the race entrenched within it's halls. Almost every race has it's own building, save halflings as they content themselves with making merry in the Ambassador's Tavern in the center of the circular set-up. Although the Tavern has a main entrance that is decorated with elaborate carvings and runes, there are many side entrances that lead to the front door of each beautiful building. The tavern encompasses roughly 14000 square feet to accommodate all of the visitors to the land. the second and third floors contain rooms; If one is a Halfling, he or she may take any room they please, however all other races are welcome to rent rooms.

The Hall of those Born to Dragons is open to, of course, the dragonborn, which welcome the feel of the roughly hewn walls of the fire heated, cliff-like castle. dragonborn may come and go as they please, but are obliged to stay at length in the unfamiliar territory of the human lands. Many dragonborn have entered these halls, and learned the skills necessary to survive the journey back to their islands; Mainly breath weapons that were not available to learn back in Tkaashni.

counter-clockwise from the first hall, is the hall of Dwarves. Ancient Machinery can be heard from outside the castle, and seen quite clearly on the inside. bronze, iron, and steel cogs clank slowly around in an unrelenting circle, symbolizing the longevity of their race. ancient dwarven carvings are set in the stone face to the entrance of the dwarven hall. dwarves are never seen entering the Hall for the first time, as an adamantine portal to their main city Thriknitik, is set on the lowest floor.

Elves make the next hall their home, preferring the Gothic style of the human halls with a few twists to make it homey. Overgrown vines of ivy cling to the sides of the castle, pulling themselves up slowly as the years drag by. Flowers and trees spring forth from the rock the Hall was built upon giving life to the Strip. Upon entering the Elven Hall, a sword-mage will greet any non-elven visitors to the Mages College of the Strip, finest College in all of Tinikara. Alchemy, enchantments, and all other types of magic are studied here, free for all elves, but at a minimal fee for all other Races.

Eladrin were recently added to the strip and plans have not gone into effect yet, in the place of an eladrin castle there stands a Flora covered Portal to the Fey.

The Human city of Martath radiates outward from the walls of the Sacred Streets of the Ambassador's Strip. although there is no castle situated within the strip, one was placed just outside the main gate to the city of Martath. Martath was founded some two thousand, two hundred years after the strip formed, when humans began to flock to the area as refugees from the recent outbreaks of a civil war. As more people settled down, more families set up ties with the other races, and now, four hundred years later, claims the title of Tinikara's largest city. Human's make their lives here comfortable, and are amicable to the numerous Half elf clans that pop up around the city.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Torukk, The Land of Halflings

Torukk is an island nation that covers only about fifteen thousand square miles. It's main exports are Ale and spices ranging from ginger to cumin. Most famous halflings originated in Torukk including Corrin Alemaster, Dendra ForgeMistress, and Faralda Winemaiden. Halflings take pride in their professions, and take to using their job title as their last names, forsaking their original names for something more appropriate. Being small folk, halflings are rarely violent, but will strike back for wrongdoings done to them. The Civil War Of Torukk is one such example of their hostile sides. Along the edges of the island, small human colonies fishing villages that rely on raiding nearby islands for more food than fish. Nations nearby include the human nation of Tamnikot, the forested isle of threnshek, where the elves reside, and tkaashni, Land of the Dragonborn

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Story Of Corrin Aledrinker

Greetings! My name is Corrin Aledrinker. What? No... No. That would be Corrin Alemaster, my uncle. Yes, I'm his nephew. Yes... No. Well, then, back to MY story!
Not so long ago, I admitted to myself that no matter how long I apprenticed with my uncle, I'd never be chosen over his eldest son to take over the brewery. Noting my increasing moodiness, my uncle pulled me aside one day.
"Yes, Uncle?"
"I know you've been irritable, lately, and I think I may know why. I want to tell you a little story about myself."
"Yes, sir?"
"When I was about your age, I found myself in the same position you're in today... I'd learned all I could about brewing during my apprenticeship, but was never going to become head brewmaster there. I wasted three years moping about the brewery feeling sorry for myself, and was starting to get into trouble, when I was suddenly, to my surprise, dismissed. Stunned, I walked out of the brewery, and eleven hours later, found myself two towns away, farther than I'd been in since starting my apprenticeship! I was standing in front of a tavern, so I went inside for a meal and a bed. I quickly devoured a plate of pumpkin and duck, and sated, ordered an ale. I tasted the ale... and was Astonished! The flavor was unlike any ale I'd had before... They had three different barrels, and I sampled from each. Early the next day, I hiked as quickly as possible back home to the brewery. I confronted my master, only to have him smile kindly at me and say, 'I taught you the importance of the water, the barley and the hops; surely you realized that different towns would have difference sources for these ingredients... and thus would produce different ales?! I should have released you three years ago, so you could learn this for yourself! Now go, take what you learned from me and tour the lands of our people... find YOUR ale, and set up a brewery of your own!'"
My uncle stopped talking, and looked at me... "Corrin?"
"Yes, Sir?"
"What are you thinking?"
"Well, Uncle, I think I've got to pack! It sounds like there's a whole world of Ale for me to discover!"
And that is exactly what I've tried to do! I spent a year visiting all the taverns in Torukk, then another year touring the towns of the coast, sampling ales in every place. When I reached Vantres, I thought my journey was over, for I'd reached the northernmost point of the lands. I soon realized, however, that I'd caught the travel bug and acquired a taste for strange brew. I had heard that merchant clippers carried ale both as ballast and as daily ration, and so I signed on as a crewman on a vessel that was attempting the Great Race. I became a rigger and a lookout, and thoroughly enjoyed my life at sea, entering strange ports and sampling their ales... but I digress.
My name is Corrin Aledrinker, and I have no ale! It's been seven days since the shipwreck, and we've explored half of the island. I'm working with a Dragon-born named Gorgath... a big strong fellow. Some of the others are trying to build rafts to try to sail to some other islands, but we've decided to take our chances here. There are some signs of civilization, and I'm hoping to find something new to drink soon!