Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Adventure Continues... Finally

As Corrin sat in the chest in his drunken state, he fancied that there might be more treasure that he couldn't reach in the holes. He sat up, then stood up, and began to push on the side of the box that he was currently making his Base of Operations. After struggling for awhile, he shouted to the others, "I do believe that I, (belch) am in quite a pickle!" Then, Corrin renewed his efforts to move the box.

The sober group of the entrance to the room realized what had happened, and began to reel Corrin out of the room, which, of course, didn't work. In his drunken state, Corrin had become stronger than any humanoid there and latched onto the box, which was, in fact, bolted to the floor. Gorgath and Heian pulled on the rope attached to Corrin's waist, and eventually pulled him out of the room. Mindartis, incapacitated from laughing, simply moved to the next door.

Heian, lacking a light source, had reached around to grab the torch on the wall in the room, and was promptly trapped under the pile of sand that dropped from the ceiling on top of him. Gorgath pulled him out of the sand, and the search continued.

The second door was open cautiously and when no immediate danger presented itself, they moved inside. The room itself was decorated as if it had been a throne room at one time. There were pillows of blue, green, and pruple satin with silver lace and trim thrown around the room, and directly in the middle sat a giant golden throne. Corrin, still drunk, decided that above all else, he wanted to sit on the throne, and began tottering over to it, a large, stupid grin on his face. Gorgath, sensing the danger, held Corrin until he stopped moving and stood still; Heian and Mindartis began to search the room. After they could find nothing, Gorgath let go of Corrin and went to investigate. Corrin resumed his trek to the throne, snuck up to it, and climbed on top of the seat. Smiling, Corrin felt the seat give way and looked up at the door. Just above the door frame, a small panel slid open, and a jet of flame burst forth from it, charring the alcohol soaked Halfling, who immediatly sobered up.

As Corrin fell off of the seat, he could be heard saying, "What smells like beer braised beef?"

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